Thursday, November 26, 2009

Philosophy humanitarian approach to Religious Life

Indisputable, that the movement of history has happened a lot of destruction caused by war, hostility, hatred among mankind. This was originally set out from the problem that they think is right finally connected with a great disaster that followed.
Look at how the program today is a struggle going on in Palestine, Afghanistan and many other areas. They each hold in principle that ultimately dragged people on a more severe destruction.

  Humanism view of Islam, Jews and Christians actually lead to peace. Many of this paragraph which states both Jewish, Christian and Islam. God as the creator of the course all-wise in this case has highlighted the right rules and direction of human development both socially specific time within a single unit or in general in the multi-unit time. The interests of one class to that other group that eventually gave birth to a narrow view of human conflict occurs because not able to see from the higher side.
Including imposition of beliefs kepeda someone disagreed with him. In the end the opinion and the paradigm established by humanitarian factors are based on the interests will not liberate us from the confines of calamity and destruction of civilization. Only on integrity of the entire human outlook that will take us to the real view of all these events conditioned. However this view will not be tangible without any proper view of the concept of divinity in the end the truth whole and not only His and He's whoever will give it to anyone who tried to return to Him with ideas right. In this case apart from Kontoversi a verse in the Qur'an mebnyebutkan That these people who believe, Jews and Christians and people shabiin if they believe in God (back to the conception of the divine right), with good deeds in his life He will forgive them.I say sorry to all parties what if in my writing is not acceptable. Only to God I beg.

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